2016 Edoardo Sobrino, Vigna Nirane, Barbera d’Alba Superiore DOC (pre-arrival)
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2016 Edoardo Sobrino, Vigna Nirane, Barbera d’Alba Superiore DOC (pre-arrival)

We come together around the idea of saying “yes”: A small word that contains everything.

Edoardo Sobrino produces wines in the historic Langhe hills with a devotion to purity. The vineyards are tended practicing organic. He reaches for the most natural expression of the Verduno terroir. The guyot trained vines are thinned each summer reducing the bunches by fifty percent or more in order to concentrate the ripening into the remaining bunches. The harvest is carried out with great care and the grapes are crushed into stainless steel where fermentation takes place. The wines are manually punched down twice a day and after the fermentation is completed a very soft pressing is carried out and the wine is moved to french oak barriques. No sulfur is added to the wine at any time.

Sobrino's Barbera is crisp and fresh, without losing that thumping basenote of density that makes Italian wines so spectacularly food-friendly. At a recent staff tasting, this was Maggie's pick, and  we're lucky she's letting us sell the rest to you.

This is a pre-arrival which we expect to ship later this summer. 

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