“Yes I Said Yes I Will Yes”

—James Joyce, Ulysses

[No. 1]

Relentless Wonder

Steeped in rigorous and open-hearted exploration, we know everything ignites and holds new meaning the deeper we go, the more we challenge expectation (while holding tight to our beliefs), the more we step into something bigger.

[No. 2]

The Spirit of the Collector

We’re guided by what it means to be a collector — even if our collections are purposefully finite, be it a bottle of wine or a perspective-shifting instance. Like a meaningful book or a favorite record, we collect experiences that invite us to engage with them.

[No. 3]


We’ve spent decades obsessively devoted to the world of wine, with shared education built on generational knowledge and honed expertise. We believe the most meaningful thing we can do is to be there for others, to have conversations, to sustain lasting relationships.