We have provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below, and are always happy to offer our personal assistance seven days a week, 8 a.m.– 4 p.m. Pacific.


    Twice annual shipments of highly rare, and often exclusively offered wines — selected specifically for our members and curated for your chosen tier of membership.

    • Access to special bottles and collaborative objects—available between biannual membership shipments—from a dedicated online marketplace.
    • Email offerings of unique and collectible wines, tailored to your tastes and preferences by Yes Society Wine Director, Tynan Pierce, and guest sommeliers.
    • Invitations to an ongoing calendar of member-only events.
    • Exclusively shared stories, conversations, poetry, and resources centered around expanding our awareness of (and forging our own lexicon within) the experience of wine.
    • Access to our digital wine “hotline,” offering a direct line for wine-related questions, advice, or recommendations (see more on this, below).
    • A dedicated digital portal for accessing your account details, including a searchable database of the wines included in prior shipments and descriptions.
    You will find out which wines are included in your shipment when it arrives on your doorstep! There are so few opportunities these days for real anticipation and surprise…It is our hope that this membership might be a bastion of both. Each box contains a carefully calibrated selection that carries the full value of your membership, although each individual bottle may have a value that differs from the monthly charge.
    In short: no. While the two bottle per month clubs allow us to occasionally highlight two selections from the work of one producer, each individual bottle is unique. We relish the opportunity to share a breadth and depth of bottlings with these members.
    We’ll never include any wine that demands to be drunk right away or demands to be cellared for 10 years. Nearly all wines will be cellar-worthy, and we may occasionally include a wine that could benefit from a few more years in bottle; however one of the benefits of membership is receiving wines that have been cellared on your behalf and are ready to have their corks pulled.


    Membership charges occur automatically each month, on the day of your signup. The charge is representative of that month's bottle(s), which we will hold for you until the next shipment window.

    If you would like to change your payment method, you may do so in your account, or by reaching out to us.

    You may change membership groups at any time. We will need to make the adjustment for you (and are happy to do so).
    We hope that we give you ample reasons to remain a member, but we understand that things happen. Should you decide to opt out of your membership, we are happy to oblige with no cost or penalty associated. However, we are unable to refund your one-time membership fee, nor are we able to guarantee a future space in our membership for you.

Shipping & Delivery

    Membership boxes are shipped twice annually, in April and October, weather permitting.

    To preserve the integrity of the wines, we ship when the weather is safely above freezing and below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Based on your location, we will pre-schedule shipping dates in the spring and fall based on historical temperatures. The majority of shipments will arrive in April and October, if, however, the weather in your area is unseasonable, we will hold the wines to avoid any potential damage during transport. Once the ship date is official, you will receive a confirmation email and expected arrival date.

    Pickup orders will be available in the same cadence. We will notify you once your package has been released and is ready for you to collect it.

    Should you need to change the scheduled shipping date, we are happy to arrange a new arrival that suits your schedule and the weather.
    If your address changes or if you would like to change the delivery location at any point prior to shipment, simply reach out to us and we will happily make the adjustment for you.
    The cost of shipping Yes Society membership wines is included in your payment. The only additional cost is taxes, which are unique to each state. Please reach out to us if you would like a quote based on your shipping state. For supplemental offerings or marketplace wines, shipping will be included with the purchase of six or more bottles.
    We currently offer door-to-door shipping to most states, with the exception of Utah, Mississippi, and Arkansas.
    The size of your first shipment will be determined by the month you join; for example, if you join in January, you will receive the February and March wines in your first shipment, which will be sent in April. All other shipments will be half of your annual membership quantity, either six or twelve bottles.


    We are pleased to offer an exclusive benefit for members: text our hotline to ask all of your most pressing vinous questions…on the other side of the screen, our network of wine and travel experts will be waiting with answers.

    We are here seven days a week, between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm PST.

    (503) 420-5407

    Text us:

    • If you don't know what to pour with your sister's famous eggplant parmesan...

    • When making restaurant reservations, for help picking the most heartbreakingly beautiful wine on the list...

    • In the kitchen, when you want something you can drink AND braise your short ribs in...

    • For a cheerleader when you really want to open that bottle you've been saving for "something special" on a regular old Tuesday...

    We would be honored to arrange for a gift membership, should we have capacity. Please contact us for details and availability.
    If you are interested in procuring additional quantities of a wine you received, reach out and we will happily do our best to find more to add to your cellar. Due to the scarcity of many of these wines, quantities may have limited availability. In that case, we are often able to source a different bottling by the same producer, or a similar wine by a comparative producer.
    Each shipment will come with a guide to the wines. Our team is always happy to have a conversation via text, phone or email about best pouring, storing, and pairing practices.