2016 Castell'in Villa, Chianti Classico Riserva,'IN , Tuscany, Italy
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2016 Castell'in Villa, Chianti Classico Riserva,'IN , Tuscany, Italy

We come together around the idea of saying “yes”: A small word that contains everything.

Coralia Pignatelli della Leonessa is known for producing some of the most traditionally-made, age-worthy sangiovese in the world. To demonstrate this, the winery has an incredible library of older vintages. These wines can age and evolve for several decades. The vines sit on the southern slope of a hill in Castelnuovo Berardenga interspersed with olive groves and forest. There are eight different vineyard sites which Coralia feels represent the terroirs and microclimates of Tuscany. Even the current-release Chiantis are held back two years longer than most of her peers’ wines. The wines are classic and elegant, with a bright but well-integrated acidity and a balanced but firm architecture.

2016 Castell'in Villa, Chianti Classico Riserva, 'IN , Tuscany, Italy is 100% sangiovese from her eight top vineyards blended together to offer what Coralia feels is the most complete representation of Tuscany’s greatest qualities. The wine pulses with black cherry, rabbit confit, licorice, mint, sage, and lavender, with a dusty spicy tannin structure. Austere and beautiful. A wine to drink with good friends.


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