Think Fast and Please Everyone

You’ve taken your best clients, your third date, or your well-traveled houseguests out to dinner, and you need to impress them – but the wine list is disguised as a novel. You have approximately three minutes to select a bottle before the table starts to doubt your abilities. This is where we come in. Over the course of a meal, Maggie and Tynan will guide a tasting through a selection of wines while sharing their patented method for finding the perfect pairing, for the perfect price, in record time.

Join us as we share the table in the private dining room for a beautiful tasting menu prepared by Oriole's Executive Chef and Owner, Noah Sandoval. Since opening in 2016 Oriole has earned two Michelin stars and recently received the Jean Banchet Award for Restaurant of the Year.

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  • Event


  • Date

    May 04, 24

  • Location

    Chicago, IL