2022 Benjamin Leroux, Chambolle-Musigny, Burgundy, France
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2022 Benjamin Leroux, Chambolle-Musigny, Burgundy, France

We come together around the idea of saying “yes”: A small word that contains everything.

Benjamin Leroux is widely regarded as one of the greatest vignerons of the young generation in Burgundy. Legendary for their purity, each bottle of chardonnay and pinot noir that he releases is quickly snapped up by collectors around the world. He pushes for the highest degree of care in the vineyards both with his own vines and those he buys. Biodynamics are followed whenever possible and organic viticulture always. He makes around fifty different cuvees in each vintage and acknowledges that, "It takes more time and more energy to work these plots,” but, he continues, “It fills me with energy, too. Touching so many different terroirs. I don't feel as though I am losing my time. "



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