2021 Thomas Bouley, Pommard, Fremiers, 1er Cru
Wine • Red

2021 Thomas Bouley, Pommard, Fremiers, 1er Cru

We come together around the idea of saying “yes”: A small word that contains everything.

Historically, Pommard has been known for its brawny, tannic reds. But, the pendulum is swinging back towards balance, including and especially at Domaine Thomas Bouley. A 9-hectare estate, stewarded by a long line of Bouley men and now run by Thomas, their focus is supporting an ecosystem marked by thriving soil and vines with vigor. Bouley’s Fremiers plot is about a half a hectare of sloped chalky-clay soils, planted with 40-year-old vines.

In 2020, Thomas announced that after nearly two decades of work, his vines had finally reached equilibrium—young vines were not overeager in their production, and older vines produced steadily. 2021 followed with extreme weather, including a hard freeze in April. Though 2021 was a stressful vintage for those on the production end, the wine itself is pure and serene, rich with notes of tart wild berries, fennel, and violet leaf, with a wash of grippy tannins at the close.

The Bouley estate also makes (spectacular!) wine in Volnay, and though their terroir expressions are quite different, Thomas’s wines all carry a signature elegance that’s quietly awe-inspiring. Whether you’re a die-hard Pommard drinker or not, this wine offers the chance to experience this region afresh, finding new profundity in wait.

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