2021 Château de Plaisance, Zerzilles, Anjou, Loire Valley, France - Magnum
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2021 Château de Plaisance, Zerzilles, Anjou, Loire Valley, France - Magnum

We come together around the idea of saying “yes”: A small word that contains everything.

Chaume is one of the Loire’s most prestigious terroirs, known for its sweet wines made with chenin blanc. Historic Château de Plaisance is stewarded by Vanessa Cherruau, who fell in love with the estate while working here in the late 2010s and convinced the family to sell it to her, instead of to the local cooperative. The land has been certified organic since 1995 and certified biodynamic since 2008. Vanessa carries on this legacy and has made a name for herself with her spectacular dry wines, though she legally can’t put “Chaume” on anything but sweet wine.

Her 2021 Zerzilles is 100% chenin blanc, from a steep east-facing .6 hectare slope planted with vines 60+ years old on schist and sandstone. Grapes are pressed whole cluster and fermented with native yeast. Partial malolactic fermentation is allowed, imparting the chenin with the weight it so clearly craves. You’ll find notes of fire-roasted pear, meyer lemon, sencha, and blanched almond, followed by river-rock minerality and a lightning bolt of acidity.

A captivating wine, with energy you can’t help but be buoyed up by.


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