2018 I. et S. Bernaudeau,  Les Terres Blanches, Anjou, Loire Valley, France
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2018 I. et S. Bernaudeau, Les Terres Blanches, Anjou, Loire Valley, France

We come together around the idea of saying “yes”: A small word that contains everything.

Stéphane Bernaudeau came up in the cellars of Mark Angeli at Ferme de la Sansonniere. He worked for 15 years under Mark. In the la Sansonnieres’ wines, Bernaudeau tasted the delicacy and deliciousness that Mark’s meticulous farming and low yields produced in their dry chenin. Their work together at la Sansonniere was a huge step in peoples’ understanding that great chenin could come from Anjou. When Bernaudeau left to begin his own domaine, he carefully selected three parcels for their unique terroirs. His vine rows consist in total of 3 hectares and the wines that result from his obsessive biodynamic farming and meticulous vineyard work are thrilling for their clarity of vision and stimulating complexity.

This wine comes from a 2 hectare plot of 80-year-old chenin vines in Anjou. The vines are goblet trained on white clay and the rows are tilled rarely and always by horse to avoid compaction. The grapes are hand harvested and pressed off the skins very gently in a vertical press. The wines ferment and age in large used oak tanks. This wine is all lychees and star fruit, lylacs, honeycomb, and smooth, shaped marble. The acidity gives a precision to the structure like a sweeping and airy architecture.


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