World Class Rosé

We have a tendency to take everything seriously, and rosé is no exception. While there is a time and a place for fresh, quaffable pinks, that place is by the pool or on your Provencal vacation…and decidedlynotin your cellar. But there are a brave cadre of producers who have turned their considerable talents to making pink wine of astonishing depth and intention. These are the rosés that inspire our own, the  proof we hold that leaning in, doing the work, and yes, taking things seriously can result in something profound and utterly worthy of tucking away with the other world class bottlings deserving of age and your precious shelf space.

Join us as we gather around a table for a plated four course dinner at RPM Italian. Maggie will lead a tasting through eight of the rarest and most important pink wines in the world and let us make our case that serious holds far more delight than a passing fancy.

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  • Date

    June 01, 24

  • Location

    Washington DC