Regional Focus: Champagne

There has been a sea change in how we, as wine drinkers, engage with champagne. From coupes and flutes at wedding toasts to universal stems at nearly every occasion, our behavior is a direct result of the explosion in accessibility, exploration, and creativity occurring in the region. There are more producers growing their own grapes, sharing farming techniques, and cross-pollinating new approaches than ever before. The shelf looked one way a decade ago, it looks completely different now, and is evolving everyday.

Join us for an opportunity to combine the effervescent joy of bubbles with the intention due to a serious wine region. Together, we will taste a diverse flight of celebratory, interesting, and classically-styled champagnes, looking at everything from the role variety selection plays in character to how traditional definitions of quality have evolved. 

Join us for a seated tasting of eight wines accompanied by soigné snacks.

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  • Date

    September 22, 24

  • Location

    Los Angeles, CA