Producer Focus: Château Le Puy

The rich legacy of Château Le Puy is multivalent. The Amoreau family has been farming their estate in Bordeaux for over 400 years; it is a story that spans the arc of fifteen generations, each one building upon the discoveries of the last. Winemaking is at the heart of this story, the wine becoming the record of each chapter, a drink that tells the tale of a family whose passion for its land rises above all else. They have turned the Château into a haven of biodiversity, replete with insect meadows, managed forests, and ponds, and have reintroduced livestock as a source of fertilizer, groundskeeping, and joy.

Then, there’s the wine itself…every bottle, including the rosé, is made with seriousness and intent, and the result is some of the most incredibly age-worthy, and profound, bottles we have come across. A north star example of the producers we buy every vintage, simply to check in with their work. We are incredibly fortunate to share with our members a tasting that spans the breadth of their offerings. 

Join us for a seated tasting at Antica Terra, on our brand new estate property in Oregon’s Eola-Amity Hills. Eight wines will be poured, while Chef, Timothy Wastell, will be serving soigné snacks with the very best ingredients the Pacific Northwest has to offer, in the height of summer’s bounty.

As we know many of our guests will be traveling to attend, we have reserved rooms at Inn the Ground for the weekend at a preferential rate, and our concierge is on hand to arrange transportation and activities for the duration of your visit.

Non-Members Welcome | Tickets available, click here.

  • Event


  • Date

    August 02, 24

  • Location

    Amity, OR